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Accentium Web Pvt. Ltd – the one stop for many online solutions

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In India, the years 2007-08 made most of us sit up and take notice of the social media (Please correct me if I am wrong). Although the concept of blogging had been around for a couple of years, most of us became aware of its importance only when many newspapers covered reports about famous personalities blogging. The recent buzz is the prime ministerial candidate for BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) has gone the Barrack Obama way by engaging in massive online campaigning as well online advertising(even on a matrimonial site). We have to wait and watch to see the effect as the estimated percentage of internet users in India is relatively less compared to the United States of America.

The Internet has definitely changed the way we are leading our lives – be it work, shopping, banking or even the way we live. From just sending/receiving emails and browsing for information besides gaming, internet has come a long way. Today we see a massive usage of the internet space in the form of company websites, social networking, blogging, forums and online marketing, etc. It is definitely the medium to be reckoned with. According to Mr. Vivek Pahwa, CEO of Accentium Web Pvt. Ltd. and winner of Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneur Award 2008, “We can definitely see this medium developing rapidly in the next 20 years.”

For those who don’t know (I presume most of the people who view my blog are laypersons and not necessarily experts), Accentium Web Pvt. Ltd, has been behind some of the leading websites as follows:-

  • It is the one of its kind and just a click away. The website was started because it was felt that not much was done for people who wanted to remarry by a regular matrimonial site. The website offers valuable alternative to people looking for second marriage. The website offers various user friendly features like free registration, horoscope matching, live chat, etc., besides free online marriage counselling sessions for all its registered members. Currently there are approximately 100,000 members registered on the website. Interestingly, even people, who have never married before, have visited the site and become members.
  • India’s No. 2 automobile portal is your one stop for all car buying needs – from researching which car to buy by comparing various cars on price, technical specifications, etc to helping you do a test drive at your doorstep. The site also helps you contact dealers closest to you. You can book the car through; get the best car loan through them. Even the major paperwork related to car can be done through The website lets you do everything in one place – at your home.
  • Today the way people conduct their business has changed with the wide use of internet. Many businesses have websites that allow people to conduct business online. Online marketing and online advertising have been gaining impetus in the recent years. In fact, it is considered complimentary to advertising in other modes of media such as TV and print. The benefits are many and include wider reach of audience via internet, cost effective, etc. offers complete digital marketing and branding solutions and services which include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Web design/development.
  • Accentium is launching a new website – on May 1st. The website will serve as an information, comparison and application provider for all kinds of financial products. It will enable users to review various products like different types of loans, insurance products, and credit cards – compare across various banks, read reviews on banks and also apply for a loan/credit card/any other financial product on the site itself. has been incorporated into to ensure you get the car loan that is suitable for your needs.

And the brain behind the organisation – Mr. Vivek Pahwa, who hopes to grow the current businesses bigger and also get into new ventures that are innovative and scalable.

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