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Dr Palep’s Medical Research Foundation Invites Students To Participate In One-Of-Its-Kind Competitions- ‘Tadvidya Sambhasha’

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Ayurveda stood the ravages of time not by any miracle, but on the basis of its sound scientific foundation. Tadvidya Sambhasha is an age old and a well defined Ayurvedic tradition of debate amongst the scholars for the purpose of updating their knowledge. Dr Palep’s Medical Research Foundation’s efforts are focused during the Tadvidya Sambhashas to explore this foundation and spread the message of Ayurveda and share its wisdom globally.

In order to encourage this ancient tradition, Dr. Palep’s Medical Research Foundation has decided to institute prize of Rs.10,000/- for excellent recitation of Sutra Sthana of Ashtanga Hridaya. This competition will be open to under graduate students from all the Ayurvedic Medical colleges of the state of Maharashtra. The competition will be conducted at R.A.Podar Medical College, Worli, Mumbai on 10th February. Three prize winning candidates will recite from Vaghbhatta’s Sutrasthana in front of audience of Tadvidya Sambhasha V Ayurveda program. The program will be held at R.A.Podar Medical College (Ayurvedic) on 15th February, 2009.

The central theme of this year’s Sambhasha will be – “Ayurvedic Dietetics and Nutraceuticals in health and disease”. The focus will be on how clinical experience and research have corroborated the Sutras and Aharas in Ayurveda (Rasas, Pathya, Aushadi gunas, yogas and so on). The uniqueness of Ayurvedic Dietetics is the customized approach in relation to individuals prakruti, age, sex and disease, season, country etc. The participating scientists will co-relate the biochemical aspects of Ayurvedic Nutraceuticals and highlight the current advances in Ayurvedic dietetics during the discussions.

Says Dr H S Palep, Founder, Dr. Palep’s Medical Research Foundation, “In the last four programmes we have honored a number of scholars and teachers of Ayurveda posthumously. This time we are honoring four eminent Modern Medicine Scholars who have made remarkable contributions in Ayurveda and Integrate Ayurveda in to modern main stream medicine. Integrative approach to the practice of medicine has been the fundamental philosophy of Dr. Palep’s Medical Education & Research Trust. These awards will be named after Charaka, Sushruta, Vaghbhatta and Kashyap.”

Oral Traditions helped the survival of Ayurvedic literature just as it did in case of the Vedic literature. Super accelerated learning theory (SALT) emphasizes on whole brain education, the role of repeated recitations for better memory. Charaka emphasized this method for sharpening of mind & memory.

The event will be sponsored by Dr Palep’s Medical Education & Research trust and R. A. Podar Medical College (Ayurveda). Dr. Deshmukh, Dean, Podar medical college is the convenor. Dr. H.S.Palep is the chairman. Dr Narayan R Sabu is the secretary.