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India Value Fund presents VC Circle “Funding Strategies for 2009” in Kolkata

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India Value Fund presented the VC Circle conference titled “Funding Strategies for 2009” in Kolkata to bring together a large number of delegates representing Venture capital investors/PE Professional/Entrepreneurs/Late stage, growth capital & large companies/Investment bankers &advisers/Corporate professionals/policy makers/firms seeking capital.

Mr. George Thomas, Partner, India Value Fund and one of the speakers at the conference said, “IVF is delighted to be associated with such a prestigious forum, which is aligned with IVF’s belief that there is huge and untapped potential for private equity and venture capital in powerhouses of entrepreneurship like the city of Kolkata.”

He added, “In the current market situation when the stock markets are at a two year low and the US and European markets have been in turmoil, fund raising in the current environment has gotten tough, but not impossible. The deals may have come down, but they are indeed happening. There are funds still sitting with cash and looking for deals in this market. So it’s not the time for inaction, but action. It’s not the end of the road, but just a sharp turn which you need to navigate carefully. The forum attempted to discuss all this and much more.”

The topics for discussion at the forum included:

  • Masterclass on the basics of PE/VC fund raising: Term sheet, valuation, negotiation, due diligence
  • Private equity in Eastern India
  • Funding Strategies For 2009 – The outlook for private equity and venture capital in the current year
  • Private equity and family run businesses: Matching the expectations
  • Outlook for key sectors: Educations, Healthcare & Logistics, Technology/Cleantech – challenges and prospects

There were a total of 14 panellists at the forum, all of whom were distinguished PE and VC partners and entrepreneurs