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Specialised services by DHL especially for life sciences and clinical trial products

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Temperature Control Logistics

Identifying life science industry’s requirement for specialized solutions in transportation of sensitive commodities, which require temperature-controlled movement and servicing, DHL developed customized solutions for all life science’s projects and clinical trials, with dedicated life sciences team and specialized TAPA certified infrastructure. DHL has the operational expertise to provide customized solutions; IATA validated packaging and other value added services which ensure that the product is delivered under the right conditions and within compliance.

DHL Express is a solution provider with specialized Infrastructure in India for temperature controlled shipments, packaging, freezers, coolants and dry Ice availability in all major locations along with temperature loggers which assist in understanding the temperature variations which happen during transit. With its vast network coverage in India, DHL offers services to 97+ countries across all continents.

 DHL’s validated packaging for various temperature ranges offers temperature control and stability for the entire transit period of the shipment. Packaging not only ensures product protection, but is also environment friendly and recyclable. Proactive customer service support, project setup and management, value added services like temperature logger readings post delivery are additional merits.

 To further the comfort there are dedicated resources in sales, marketing and IT team. Ahead of time, IT solutions aid track, trace and generate customized reports on status of shipments.


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