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Zylog to launch Recycle Accelerator to track and recycle e-waste

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The ever increasing demands for consumer electronics world over, and limited supply of copper, lead, and other metals demand reusable resources. Proper handling of hazardous electronic waste is already a mounting concern for rapidly developing economies. Citing this global demand and a scalable business opportunity Zylog Systems Limited (ZSL), a leading IT solution provider from Chennai has developed an innovative IT based platform for e-waste management – ‘Recycle accelerator’.

Recycle Accelerator provides sustainable solutions in e-waste management. It enables companies and countries to reutilize reclaimed materials from obsolete, unwanted, and defective products. The platform connects Recyclers, Collectors, Government, and Manufacturers to companies that can reclaim materials for reuse. It creates opportunities to integrated networks that will enable business transactions to occur, enabling collectors to transfer data and goods to recyclers, and for recyclers to locate appropriate downstream buyers to reuse materials. As a result, materials from obsolete product can be reclaimed and reused at lower cost than mining and refining natural elements from mountains in distant countries. Collectors gather these materials from end-users/ consumers.

According to Mr.Ananth Chaganty, Sr. Vice President, Enterprise Solution, ZSL “Zylog’s solution caters to the entire supply chain and can also be customised for entrepreneurs who want to establish a small business as a collector. It can also be used by individuals who want to participate in the part-time activity of collection for profit or to save the environment.” The platform designed as “The Limited Edition” is for individual use and the more sophisticated version which is designed for entrepreneurs and small collection businesses is the Complete Collector Edition. Both versions of the Collector Applications allow easy management of inventory, and direct output to participating recyclers.

There are some software applications on the market that address portions of the business requirements for individual recyclers. However, Recycle Accelerator is the first platform to address and integrate the needs of all participants in the recycling process. The platform allows competitive smaller software applications to connect to the overall network for the benefit of all integrated participants. ZSL believes that the best solution for our environment requires cooperation, communication, and collaborative integration. Therefore, Recycle Accelerator is designed to provide capabilities that did not previously exist for managing the recycling process, supports integration with the smaller customized applications, and provides a comprehensive approach for sustainability.

Globally the revenue for e-waste recycling is set to touch $11 billion in 2009. ZSL has been studying the Recycling and Sustainability Solution since August 2007 and has tied up with national service alliance (NSA) to create the solution. According, Mr. John Mehrmann, VP, Business Development, ZSL, “the company is currently targeting at $70 billion US market where after sales service is far mature than other countries”.
The governments in the US federal severely enact strictures to curb careless disposal of hazardous waste

Mr. Mehrmann also pointed out India is experiencing a phenomenal growth rate in consumer electronics, computers, and the proliferation of mobile communication devices. If the society in India encourages immediate government intervention, and the implementation of tracking and controls, India can implement efficient processes for managing e-waste, educating consumers, and avoiding the catastrophe before it occurs. It is a rare chance to look at the rest of the world and be proactive in avoiding a problem, just like the RoHS legislation that restricts strict use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products.

The target market for Recycle Accelerator begins with the CE Industry, and is designed to expand into other industries very rapidly. The architecture encompasses common business practices with a flexible structure to accommodate a variety of products, parts, and materials. Even though there is nothing else like this in the market, ZSL has committed to make Recycle Accelerator an affordable low cost application, because every business should be empowered to help our environment. Recycle Accelerator offers several different packages with corresponding prices. Recycle Accelerator contains an application for recyclers, and options for customized enhancements to support the individual needs of large scale recyclers. Recycle Accelerator also features unique applications for Collectors, sole-proprietors, and business-to-business online services. As information is stored and shared between partners on the integrated platform, there are services with corresponding prices for manufacturers, call centres, and government agencies. Pricing is based on the application and features selected by the customer. Since Recycle Accelerator is designed for to support continuous enhancements, prices and available features are also subject to change.

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