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Nobel Biocare imparts knowledge through finest dental programs

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When the leaders in consultative solution selling, work in close association with your clinician, the outcome will be the result of deep seeded dental knowledge and an understanding of your smile. No more have the dental clinics in India remained plainly the consumer banks for just tooth caps and bridges. The education of the dental world in the innovative modern methods of restorative dentistry gives you the benefit of aesthetically accurate dental solutions.

In India, Nobel Biocare forged ahead in the area of professional education with over 300 dentists trained through their benchmark NobelFellow program that has seen a successful run spanning three years and over 50 batches. Globally, with 40 years of scientific research experience up their sleeves, Nobel Biocare collaborates its presence with 60 universities and over 600 scientists in 28 countries. They vest their expertise in their own clinical research and development organizations in seven countries – Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, US, Japan, and China.

While the company does involve itself with formal education programs for graduates and under-graduates at universities across the world, in India it also helps in training modules on implants in dental schools and in-house training of already practicing dentists and super specialists to use refined techniques to practice precise implants. They have a dedicated and trained sales team that offers support and coverage to dental professionals across the length and breadth of our vast nation. Their team of in-house dentists, training coordinators, customer support, marketing and logistics professionals are all trained to provide your trusted dentist with excellent support. Then whether your need is a general one or one that requires specialized attention, NobelFellow trained dental professionals will keep you smiling.

Their efforts at taking professional education and support to the next level is enabled by their offering of WebEx training and support to their mentors, clinicians and laboratory partners wherein they can achieve excellence in the latest happenings in a virtually real environment. With support materials like the demonstration of live surgeries through clinically documented training concepts, hands on exercises and dedicated Mentor direction, their partner clinicians have the added advantage of high end permanent solution even with a routine conventional dental job.

NobelFellow is a 12-day comprehensive interactive course presented over six months in four different modules of three days each. It provides step-by-step coaching for dentists on the application and integration of Nobel Biocare C&B&I (crown, bridge & implants) solutions in a dental practice. Each module contains lectures, hands-on sessions and live surgeries. Their hands-on courses are designed to make their products and procedures easy-to-use and understand. The company also offers on-site training in several languages and online education program to create awareness.

Nobel Biocare has done the maximum and the finest of training and education programs for implant education in India. The newly launched Total Implant Proficiency (TIP) program is designed to meet the dearth of expert implantologists across the country by providing a comprehensive course, conducted by some of the best faculties internationally. The main objective of introducing TIP is to train dental professionals on latest and innovative techniques of implantology like NobelGuide on actual patients and provide certification from ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists).

The enamel of an adult’s permanent teeth once lost is irrecoverable. However if the dentist has the right knowledge of the best dentistry practices, the visible difference will be as though the teeth grew back permanently.

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