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Air India Express Enlists CyberSource Online Fraud Solution

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CyberSource Ltd., the UK-based subsidiary of CyberSource Corporation, today announced that its Decision Manager anti-fraud solution has been selected by Air India Express. Decision Manager, designed to help companies like Air India Express automate and safeguard its online ticketing, provides access to over 150 global validation tests to screen for fraud and determine in real time whether online transactions should be accepted, rejected, or marked for further review.

Dr. Akif Khan,
head of client and technical services at CyberSource Ltd., said, “Air India Express is carving out new market opportunities in the Asian airline business, and we are pleased to assist them in risk management. The work we are doing with Air India Express furthers our experience in the Indian marketplace and in the global travel sector, both of which have been focus areas for CyberSource.”

Air India Express is India’s first international airline to offer budget travel. The carrier flies to 14 key international destinations including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Bahrain, and also operates a domestic service between major Indian cities.

“Our rapid growth dictates a robust solution that can not only identify potentially fraudulent activity but also minimises the burden on manual review staff,” said Harish Pai,
finance head, Air India Express. “CyberSource’s considerable experience in the Indian online environment and in the travel sector was also a factor in our selection process.”

How Decision Manager works

Decision Manager features an easy-to-use interface which allows fraud management staff to create rules and manage acceptance criteria for online orders.  Based on rules Air India Express defines, Decision Manager automatically determines the appropriate disposition of incoming orders—accept, reject, or review. Orders suspended for review are held in a case management queue for fast examination and disposition using Decision Manager’s sophisticated case management system. Rules can be tested without risk to determine their effectiveness and quickly modified to adapt to changing order patterns. A complete array of process analytics further helps address the accuracy and efficiency of the fraud management process.

For more information on CyberSource’s Decision Manager, see: