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Creator of “mini liver” & Cryo-Save Scientific director Prof. McGuckin to visit India

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020209-1537-profcolinmc1.jpgCryo-Save India today announced that their new Scientific Director Professor Colin McGuckin, will be visiting India between February 27 and March 3, 2009. Prof. McGuckin, who made a medical breakthrough in 2005 with the creation of the world’s first “mini liver” from umbilical cord blood, will share his plans on integrating new scientific technologies which may substantially speed up treatments for life-threatening illnesses, injuries and disabilities. Cryo-Save India, who has taken the initiative to organize the Professor’s visit, believes that this will act as an impetus for people in India to accept stem cell banking as a new form of health protection for the future.

During his visit, Prof. McGuckin will engage with regulatory authorities to share information that will shape future direction and progress in cord blood banking and advances in patient treatments. He will also talk about his latest discoveries in Regenerative Medicine, including his recent creation of the world’s first artificial pancreas, which may have important implications in diabetes.

Prof McGuckin, who has recently been appointed as Scientific Director for Cryo-Save, will be travelling to Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai.

Armed with 20 years of experience in stem cells, Professor McGuckin is an opinion leader who has been called upon by governments and hospitals around the world. He is also President of the Novus Sanguis Consortium, which brings together leading adult stem cell researchers and clinicians from across the world to work on specific diseases of the human condition, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and organ degeneration.

State-of-the-art, fully automated stem cell banking facility setup at Bangalore

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Cryo-Save Group announced the launch of its Indian operations through its 100 percent subsidiary –Cryo-Save India. Cryo-Save India offers a depth of expertise and experience in stem cell banking.

Stem cells are the natural repair kit of the human body. In the last 18 years more than 10000 patients have been treated with cord blood stem cells transplantations in over 150 countries. Umbilical cord blood stem cells have been used over the years in an increasing number of treatments including leukaemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, lymphomas, red cell disorders and more. Currently stem cell research is being done for more than 85 diseases.

Speaking on the occasion V.R. Chandramouli, Managing Director, Cryo-Save India, said, “We are very happy to launch the Indian subsidiary and offer our expertise in adult stem cell banking services in India. A world class stem cell banking service was the need of the hour for a huge market like India and Cryo-Save India will be offering this. We are very keen to extend our footprint to India and we are very excited about the immense market potential for adult stem cell banking or family banking in India. The launch of the Indian operations will mark a new chapter in the quality of stem cell banking services offered. Cryo-Save India will bring in our global expertise, best practices and our vast experience to the Indian customer.

Cryo-Save India will be the only company in India with its unique offering of dual-storage system. They are also the only company that does automatic processing to avoid manual intervention and contamination. The company will be offering the collection and storage of ADULT stem cells derived from cord blood. The services will be available across all metros and other cities.
Cryo-Save has never been, and does not intend to become, involved in the storage or expansion of embryonic stem cells.

Cryo-Save India is headquartered in Bangalore with a state-of-the art, one-of-its-kind, fully automated adult stem cell storage facility. The facility at Bangalore covers 10,000 sq ft with a storage capacity of 150,000 samples, extendable to 300,000 immediately. Cryo-Save India is a 100 percent subsidiary of Cryo-Save Group, which is Europe’s largest adult stem cell storage bank and has its operations in 37 countries over three continents.

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29 December, 2008 at 9:42 pm