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Recently, Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) embarked on a major milestone. The organisation served an all time record of over 10,000 emergencies on a single day. The 10,000-emergency milestone reiterates EMRI’s commitment and pledge to save lives. The 108 emergency response services continued with the same vigour and in an uninterrupted manner during January and February 2009. The EMRI team has reposed their faith towards the service and continues to save lives with dedication, passion, commitment and service.

Since its inception in August 2005, EMRI till date has served over 42 lac emergencies and saved over 51,000 lives. Each ambulance attends to an average of six emergencies a day. Rural emergency cases account to 65 percent of the total emergencies of which 97 percent are medical and three percent cases are of police and fire. Out of the total medical emergencies, Maternal complications have been the highest emergencies which account to 21 percent of the total emergencies followed by Injuries (road accidents) which is 16 percent. Acute abdomen is 15 percent. Suicide attempts, cardiac account to five percent each and respiratory problems account to four percent of the total emergencies.

EMRI launched the 108 Emergency Response service on the 15th of August, 2005 in Hyderabad in Public, Private, Partnership with the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Having started operation with barely 15 ambulances, EMRI today operates over 1628 ambulances in nine states ( Andhra Pradesh – 652, Gujarat – 402, Uttarakhand-90 , Goa- 18, Rajasthan-100, Tamil Nadu-159, Karnataka-113, Assam-79 and Meghalaya-15) serving a population of 368 million people . An average of 120+ lives are saved every day, these are the lives that would have been lost in the absence of the 108 emergency response service.

EMRI is a non profit organization in the PPP business model. 95 percent of the costs are funded by the respective state Governments. EMRI has tie ups with over 6800 private and Govt. hospitals to ensure immediate patient stabilization on admission to the hospitals. A completely free service, anyone, anywhere in the operational states can call the toll free number 108 for any emergency (Medical, Police, Fire) and help will reach them in an average of 15 minutes in an urban area and 20 minutes in rural areas.

Apart from the nine states EMRI, two more states, Madhya Pradesh & Punjab have signed an MOU with EMRI to replicate a similar model of Emergency Response Service in the states. The vision of EMRI is to provide free emergency response services for Medical, Police and Fire emergencies across India by 2010 in PPP framework and to respond to 30 million emergencies and save one million lives annually.

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18 February, 2009 at 12:43 pm

Existing board to stand by EMRI

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The existing board of members of Emergency Management and Research Institute, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, National Co-ordinator, Lok Satta, Mr. K. Krishnam Raju, Chairman, Suchitra Group, and Prof. Raj Reddy, Carnegie Mellon University, after the resignation of other members including Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam as Chairman Emeritus yesterday issued a joint statement saying that they will stand by the cause of EMRI under the current difficult circumstances. Mr. Rajat Gupta, Chairman, ISB Board is out of the country but he continues to be a member of the EMRI board.

The following is the text of the joint statement:

The unfortunate developments in the Satyam Computers have created a difficult situation for the non-profit organisation EMRI which was founded by the family of Sri Ramalinga Raju. In recent days, Dr Abdul Kalam, Chairman Emeritus and five other directors have resigned from the Governing Board of EMRI.

Under the circumstances, the easiest course of action for the remaining members of the Board is to quit as directors, and let events take their own course. All of us are purely honorary members, and we have never accepted any remuneration or sitting fee. We have been giving time to EMRI as a labour of love, and in the belief and knowledge that the pioneering work done by EMRI is vital to provide emergency relief and save lives and limbs. EMRI’s chief contribution to India is to raise awareness and help to establish a nation-wide, safe, reliable high quality emergency relief system that a modern, civilized society deserves and needs.

Therefore, we, the remaining members of the Board have decided to continue to serve on the Board and help EMRI carry out its responsibilities. If the Governments at the union/ state levels feel that the emergency relief can be best provided by taking over EMRI under the laws of the land, we will do everything possible to facilitate such a transition. Meanwhile, we will do everything possible to raise resources to fulfil EMRI’s obligations and continue and expand the excellent work that is being done. We believe that the baby should not be thrown out with the bath water, and the acts of commission or omission of founders of EMRI in other organizations should not undermine public interest in the vital area of emergency relief and management.

We also believe that all financial and operational details of EMRI, including the MOU’s entered into with various state governments should be made public so that people can judge for themselves the work being done. Accordingly, the chief executive has been requested by us to make available all information public, especially every bit of information related to public money received from any agency / state/ union government.

We are also in the process of appointing an independent agency to go into all financial and operational details of EMRI, so that the Board and the public are assured that highest ethical standards are observed in managing the EMRI.

We urge all sections of the public to extend support to the Members of the Governing Board in fulfilling the mission of EMRI undaunted by the problems that have cropped up outside this non-profit organisation.