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Lifebuoy organises Health Rally for awareness of Swine Flu

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Holding placards, shouting slogans enthusiastically, scores of people joined a rally organized for awareness on Swine Flu by India’s largest Health & Hygiene soap brand, Lifebuoy in Hyderabad. Amongst the eminent people present at the event were Mr. L.V. Subramanyam (IAS), Principal Secretary, Medical and Health, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, who flagged off the rally, Dr Subhakar Kandi, MD FCCP (USA) State Coordinator H1N1 Influenza, Dr. Myriam Sidibe (Dr PH), Global Social Mission Manager, Lifebuoy. The walk was held in support with the leading twin city NGO, Concern for Twin Cities. It also saw an active support of various other NGOs & Social organizations like the Lions Club, Freemasons, Walkers, SIP Academy, Jaycees, Indira Park’s Walker Association, Allipuram Foundation, Smile Foundation, MV Foundation, and many more.

Dr. Subhakar gave an overview on the H1N1 virus and in very simple terms explained about Swine Flu. He also spoke about the interventions required to protect the spread of the endemic. He apprised the public on the simple techniques to safeguard oneself from infections and spread of disease, the most accessible being the act of washing hands correctly. Washing hands regularly with soap and water can protect against both direct (for example, shaking hands with an infected person who has touched his mouth or nose) and indirect contact (for example, touching a doorknob handled by an infected person) with the flu virus. The doctor also said, “In a recent study on Child Health conducted by Lifebuoy, it was distressing to see that Hyderabad was the only city to fall beneath the average country score from the 4 southern states. The concern that came out in the study was around minor illnesses that seemed to bother mothers across the country. Minor illnesses are mostly classified as colds, coughs, normal flu, diarrhoea etc. It is extremely important to practice and maintain good hygiene habits, irrespective of an epidemic. Inculcating the habit of regular hand wash can help lower the risk of catching various infections and hence make us healthier.”

Mr. Subramanyam spoke about the pro-active measures taken by the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh in restricting the disease. He said, “It is an excellent initiative undertaken by the Lifebuoy in creating awareness around Swine Flu and bringing forth issues and concerns of the virus. Such programmes not only help in spreading the right message but also help in controlling anxiety levels and reduce panic amongst public. We are extremely happy that Lifebuoy has extended a helping hand to support the cause of public health”

Dr. Sidbi from Lifebuoy said, “It is overwhelming to see such an enthusiastic support from the lovely Hyderabadis. As this is the first case detected in the country, we felt the need to reach out to larger audience and spread awareness about the incurable virus. The govt. and the doctors here are doing an excellent job and we as Lifebuoy felt it was our duty too as a Health and Hygiene brand to extend our help in our own way towards their efforts, which is why this public awareness rally. We believe that a simple habit change like washing hands at least 5 times a day could go a long way in prevention of various infections and diseases. Our aim is to get this message across so we all can, together make a healthy Hindustan!”

About Swine Flu:

Swine influenza, or “swine flu”, is a highly contagious acute respiratory disease of pigs, caused by swine influenza H1N1 virus. The virus is spread among pigs by aerosols and direct and indirect contact. Pigs can carry the virus without showing any signs of the disease. The virus is transmitted from pigs to people and in some cases can be transmitted from human to human. The flu virus is most likely to spread among people who are in close proximity of pigs which are infected with the virus. The virus spreads among humans in much the same way as seasonal flu, via the mouth, nose or eyes. Transmission occurs in aerosols, droplets and indirect contact via hands and surfaces. Swine flu symptoms are very similar to seasonal influenza and generally include fever, fatigue, lack of appetite and coughing, although some people also develop a runny nose, sore throat, vomiting or diarrhoea


Lifebuoy recommends the following simple Hygiene Steps to reduce the risk of spreading Flu and Flu-like illnesses:

  • Avoid touching your face, nose, mouth or eyes with your hands, especially when you’ve been in public places. If you have to, make sure you wash hands with soap and water beforehand.

    Wash your hands often especially after blowing your nose, touching items that may be contaminated, or dealing with children and others more vulnerable to infection. You should wash your hands with soap under running water for at least 20 seconds and make sure you rinse and dry them so they don’t get re-contaminated

  • Keep yourself and your kitchen clean by washing your hands with soap and drying thoroughly: a) before preparing food, b) after touching raw food, especially meat, c) after going to the toilet

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25 May, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Medium Healthcare – A healthcare consultancy firm in India

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Consulting for business strategy, performance enhancement, marketing impact and service quality for the healthcare industry in India and other emerging economies

With a vision to spur innovation in the healthcare industy, Medium Healthcare Consultancy has been launched in India. Medium Healthcare aims to provide consulting services in the areas of business strategy, performance enhancement, marketing impact and service quality to healthcare organizations in India and other emerging economies.

Medium Heathcare Consulting helps its clients identify niche, but with significant potential, opportunities in healthcare in line with their overall objectives. These opportunities – typically aimed at a single or mix of specialties and focused target audience from a particular income segment – offer scope to emerge as viable, sustainable and scalable business models. Medium Healthcare also offers services in marketing of healthcare services with focus on enhancing revenue and profitability and service quality with a motto to maximize word-of-mouth referrals.

There are a few general consulting firms, which also have healthcare vertical. Healthcare consulting firms in India focus primarily on the project-related areas. Medium Healthcare intends to focus on business strategy and the softer’ side – marketing and service quality and is perhaps the only firm with this focus. The company plans to engage with existing healthcare players with a greater focus on emerging markets including India. It is also keen to advise newer entrants about the right healthcare strategy

Announcing the launch, Mr. Ratan Jalan, Founder & Principal Consultant, Medium Healthcare Consulting, said, “Almost everyone wants to build large, multi-specialty world-class hospitals in metros. It is a very myopic view, since the industry offers significant scope for innovation in alternative business models that are even more profitable and scalable.” He added, “In comparison to other service industries such as hospitality, banking or aviation, critical areas such as marketing and service quality continue to be handled in a fairly primitive manner in most healthcare organizations”.

“Within a few weeks, we have had very encouraging response from diverse players ranging from large, multi-specialty hospitals and small rural community hospitals on one hand to diagnostic services providers and healthcare architectural firms on the other”, he added.

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