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LifeCell International to bring NxG stem cells technology to India

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LifeCell International India’s first & the largest stem cell banking service provider, which has also pioneered in stem cell research and technology, today announced its association with Harvest Technologies, a world leader in developing technologies that accelerate natural healing,
to bring-in a next generation technology Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) system in India. BMAC is a USFDA and CE approved biological technology that accelerates the body’s natural healing capacity, thereby improving surgical outcomes.

Existing methods to produce a stem cell concentrate therapy are time consuming, labour intensive, and require complex logistical considerations. The BMAC System helps in safe and rapid preparation of cell concentrate from bone marrow. The process takes only about 15 minutes and can be conducted in the point of care setting.

The system is currently being used clinically in many developed countries like US and Europe for various medical disciplines. These applications range from fractures, non-unions, osteonecrosis, cartilage repair applications and critical limb ischemia (CLI). The system will soon be applied for cardio vascular regeneration.

LifeCell has implemented this technology for an ongoing Indian CLI study which is being led by Dr. K. S. Vijayragavan at Department of Vascular Surgery, SRMC. As per the data available on the interim study conduted on 30 patients after a 12 week followup major amputations were seen only in 4 patients and 6 of them went for minor amputation. The patients’s also reported significant reduction in their pain perception and considerable improvement in quality of life. The study also emphasised the fact that the BMAC process is safe and the Intra-arterial infusion does not cause any adverse reaction.

Talking on the association with Harvest Technologies, Mr. Mayur Abhaya, Executive Director, LifeCell International says, “We are excited to partner with Harvest Technologies to bring-in international standards to India. LifeCell International is today India’s only comprehensive stem cells solutions provider as we offer a complete spectrum of services and with this association we intend to accelerate the availability of advanced stem cell therapy in India.

According to Scott Shea, Managing Director, Harvests Technologies GmbH, “The Autologous regenerative cells from bone marrow offer profound potential for therapies. Harvest has conducted about 30,000 clinical procedures for various applications, the highest number of procedures in the world, using the BMAC System. Our novel technology now makes it possible to harvest the regenerative cells safely and rapidly in order to develop new therapies for heretofore incurable diseases.”

We are delighted to be associated with LifeCell, an undisputed market leader in stem cell technology space and extend our services in India. LifeCell has a well established network with hospitals and clinical institutions across India and we would leverage their strength to rapidly deploy our service across the country and provide HOPE in addressing unmet medical challenges by offering cellular therapeutic options.”

Commenting on the interim report presented on the studies conducted for CLI in India using the BMAC technology, Mr.
Mayur added, “Through our clinical research, we have identified that the transplantation of autologous Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) into critically ischemic leg can increase blood flow and support in healing the wounds quickly. It also helps in reducing pain and avoiding leg amputation of otherwise incurable patients. This is also validated by the outcome of the CLI study which showed that 86.6% of patients could avoid amputation.”

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24 May, 2009 at 10:34 pm

A Mother’s Day special workshop conducted by LifeCell International in association with “Me n Mom’s” in Mumbai

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Talking about Mother’s Day, really how bad of me. I couldn’t wish my mom thanks to my hectic study schedule. However, here is another good initiative that helps in building relationship of wellbeing between a child and its mother even before the child is born.

On the eve of Mother’s Day, LifeCell International, India’s first & largest umbilical cord blood stem cell bank in association with “me n Moms” organized a free workshop for all first time moms and expecting mothers. The workshop was conducted at ‘Me n MomsJuhu Store @ 7/11 Amrapalli Shopping center VM Road, J.V.P.D, Mumbai
by Dr. Sourabh Dani, Dr. Sanjay R. Pal, Dr. Sonali Shivlani and Dr. Chaula Shah and was attended by 50 enthusiastic mothers.

The workshop was built around the birth process offering information for the to-be parents by explaining on what happens and what to expect during each of the pregnancy stages. The session was a forum for expecting parents to discuss and share various tips which would help the to-be mothers to accept the physical, psychological and hormonal changes happening in their body during pregnancy and handle this turbulent phase effectively. The session also focused on the basic tips on diet and nutrition, relaxation techniques, pre -natal and-post natal exercises necessary for a safe and uncomplicated pregnancy.

It is very essential for husbands to pay utmost attention and provide emotional support to their wives during this period. More emphasis should be given on diet with summers being on full swing. The mom should not miss her meals and drink plenty of water, milk, fluids to beat the temperature. According to experts a pregnant woman should drink atleast7-8 glasses of water every day.

Pregnancy is an important phase in a woman’s life. We at LifeCell always try to connect and reach out to our consumers to educate them and create awareness on pregnancy management. We believe that giving expectant parents the information and knowledge on pregnancy will help them make the right decisions and deal with this period better.. We have conducted this workshop just to ensure that the importance of antenatal and postnatal care is spread among all.” said Mr. Mayur Abhaya, Executive Director, LifeCell International.

The session also focused on tips on parenting as raising children is one of the most crucial and fulfilling experience in the world and the one for which a new mom may be the least prepared. The seminar covered the core care that every healthy woman and healthy baby should be offered during the first 6-8 weeks after the birth. Overall the seminar was very educative and informative providing better insights on topics related to both the mother and her child.


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22 May, 2009 at 12:29 am

LifeCell launches Cord Tissue Banking in India

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LifeCell International – India’s first & the largest stem cell banking service provider and a pioneer in stem cell research, technology & therapy – announced the launch of Umbilical cord tissue banking service in India. The technology to harness the potential of Umbilical Cord Tissue, a rich source of Mesenchymal stem cells was developed in-house at the LifeCell R&D center at Chennai., India. With this launch, LifeCell achieved a considerable technology landmark in the field of Regenerative science & healthcare industry in India.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) from bone marrow have been at the forefront of therapeutic strategies for a number of hitherto incurable ailments like Heart Disease, Type I Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, GVHD, Osteoarthritis and Stroke. Further, MSCs from Cord tissue showed additional therapeutic potential in animal models to treat Parkinsonism, Skeletal muscle injury, Limb ischemia, Retinal nerve degeneration. Hence, these cord tissue MSCs appear to be superior to bone marrow MSCs and can be a potential substitute for them.

Advantages of Mesenchymal Stemcells:

In a unit population of cells MSCs in the umbilical cord tissue are present in much higher numbers when compared with the bone marrow. These cells have shorter doubling time. Also the HLA ABC antigens are less of an issue with cord MSCs when compared with bone marrow MSCs.

Talking at the occasion,
Mr. Mayur Abhaya, President and Executive Director, LifeCell International, said, “We at LifeCell are very excited about this landmark achievement that we have made at our R&D center, by developing the technology to harvest and store Umbilical Cord Tissue in India. With additional service of cord tissue banking, , clinical trials, R&D, therapy solutions we are the only company in India providing comprehensive stem cells solutions. This will give us a competitive edge to tap the potential market. In a country like India with over 40 million births every year, the potential is immense and we see a huge opportunity ahead. We envision a 30% percent growth in our enrolments by 2010. Our revenue for this year is expected to close by Rs.400 Million.”

According to Dr. Ajit, Chief Scientific Officer, LifeCell International, “Previously, after the collection of the umbilical cord blood, the remaining solid cord tissue was normally discarded. However, this cord tissue is a rich source of Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and we have invested two years of time in developing and validating a proprietary technology at our in-house R&D center for collection and storage of the cord tissue. These MSCs from cord tissue are superior to bone marrow MSCs, as these cells are fetal in nature and therefore more robust. Besides, the collection process is non invasive, painless and usually devoid of infection.” Added Dr. Ajit

Over the conversation about the awareness and acceptance of stem cells in India Mr. Mayur added, “Recent success stories of stem cells, daily news on research findings and breakthrough in clinical trials etc., are validating the potential of stem cells thereby increasing the demand for storing the baby’s stem cell for future potential use. The medical fraternity has been playing a vital role in supporting and spreading knowledge and awareness on this concept.”

Storing and cost at LifeCell

Customers who want to store their cord tissue have a range of options with LifeCell. They may choose to bank the processed stem cells from the Cord Tissue for a ready use or store the cord tissue which can be used to harvest stem cells later for therapy.

Preserving the cord tissue comes as a package along with cord blood banking service of LifeCell at a cost of Rs.44,600/- for the first year and Rs.3,500/- every year as annual storage fee. However, if the client prefers to process the cord tissue and store the harvested stem cells, the process will cost Rs.63,100/- for the first year and Rs.5,500/- every year as annual storage fee. Both these options include processing and cryo-preserving the cord blood stem cells which is the basic service. Clients could also go for the option of one-time storage fee of Rs.79,000/- upfront for storing cord blood and cord tissue and Rs.1,17,500 for storing cord blood along with processing of cord tissue.

LifeCell’s key differentiator has been quality and service and with a technology tie-up with the Cryo-Cell International, the world’s first stem cell bank, LifeCell has the expertise of technology to maintain the best quality which has also been acknowledged and accredited by AABB. LifeCell offers round-the-clock service and is the only stem cell bank in India offering this service to over 40 centres in India & abroad.